Forecloused Properties

There are plenty of properties which are or are being foreclosured. Almost all foreclouses are great investment oppurtunities, weather you are buying for personal or business needs. They are normally being sold in good condision, however some are may need a little work. With any property work, lighting is an important part of the decor in any space. But, it also serves a genuine purpose, of providing ambient light for tasks and various activities. With this in mind, appropriate lighting should reach all areas within the space, that may require additional light. 

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For Kitchens and Dining Areas

Some homes have kitchen and dining areas with plenty of light, due to having large windows, patio doors, or a combination. Lighting for day time tasks doesn't need to be as bright or strong, due to natural light filtering in through windows. However, the dining and kitchen prep areas will need plenty of light for evening tasks, such as preparing dinner, enjoying a family meal, or baking a special dish for a party. Plenty of soft, bright light is needed over most kitchen prep areas and over the serving and eating tables in the dining area. Separate light fixtures should be selected for both spaces, even if the home has an open eating and kitchen space or a simple eat-in kitchen.

For the Bedroom

Soft lights in the bedroom can be recessed or provided through attractive light fixtures. Recessed lighting can be configured to cover key areas, like closets and dressing areas, vanities, and sitting areas. The lighting over or around the bed should be soft, to give the impression of a comfortable, cozy space. If more than one fixture is used to cover different areas, they should be coordinated in style and color, to enhance the overall decor of the room.

For the Living Room

Many people like soft, overhead lights in the living room, while also using table top lamps to fill in the gaps. Using various types of light sources allows the room to be darkened to watch movies or provides additional light for tasks like sewing, knitting, and other crafts. The more the room functions for multiple purposes, the more the space needs a variety of lighting options.

For the Library or Home Office

The library or home office is designed for work and reading. Therefore, lighting should be bright enough for these tasks, whether day or night. Libraries and offices usually have at least one window, which lets in natural light during the day. Overhead lights are suitable for general tasks. A chair placed strategically near a window, with a nearby table and lamp, will allow anyone using the room to work or read in both day time and after dark hours.

Lighting is critical in many spaces throughout the home. Therefore, it should be chosen with the specific purpose in mind, the amount of light needed during the day and at night, and with the decor or style of the space in mind.